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Te Ahu Cinema Presents

Screening now : 31 October to 9 November 2014

  • THE BOXTROLLS (PG) 96mins

    Eggs, a young orphan boy raised under the streets by a group of cave-dwelling, trash-collecting creatures known as the Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls are targeted by an evil exterminator named Archibald Snatcher (Ben Kingsley), but he'll have to get pasts Eggs first. Based on the children’s novel Here Be Monsters.
  • THE LUNCH BOX (PG) 104 mins

    Ila, a neglected housewife, attempts to spice up her marriage by preparing a special lunch for her husband. When it is accidentally delivered to Saajan, a lonely widower on the brink of retirement, they exchange notes to each other to get to the bottom of the mistaken delivery. Their notes gradually evolve into a series of intimate little confessions
  • HIP HOP-ERATION (PG) 93 mins

    A feel-good documentary following the journey of elderly Kiwis training to co mpete in the World Hip-Hop Championships in Las Vegas. The film explores the lives and motivations of the ambitious Waiheke Island senior citizens within the dance group
  • THE DEAD LANDS (R16) 107 min
    The Maori history is brought alive in this period-set action-adventure based on the traditional fighting art of Mau rākau. After his tribe is slaughtered through an act of treachery, the chieftan's teenage son Hongi must avenge his father's death in order to bring honor to the souls of his loved ones. Outnumbered by the band of villains, Hongi's only hope is to pass through the forbidden Dead Lands and forge an alliance with the mysterious "Warrior".
  • PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE (G) 84mins

    The sequel to Disney’s 2013 high-flying Cars spinoff continues the misadventures of Dusty (voiced again by Dane Cook), the crop-dusting plane who became an air-racing legend. But when engine damage hinders his racing abilities, Dusty joins an air attack team instead, tasked with the responsibility of dousing a raging wildfire that threatens to consume Piston Peak National Park.

    Comedy following Hector, a psychiatrist who has become increasingly tired of his humdrum life. Telling his girlfriend, Clara, he feels like a fraud, he decides to break out of his deluded and routine driven life. Armed with buckets of courage and child-like curiosity, he embarks on a global quest in hopes of uncovering the elusive secret formula for true happiness.
  • INTERSTELLAR (M) 169 mins

    A group of explorers make use of a newly discovered wormhole (which hypothetically connects massively separated regions of spacetime) to surpass limitations on human space travel and conquer the vast distances of interstellar voyage.


Saturday 9 November 2014 : Doors open: 2:30pm Film Starts: 3:00pm

$5.00 per person. There will be a short intermission.
For more information contact: Helen Cossey at miss.helen@xtra.co.nz


Te Ahu Cinema is closed most weekdays outside of public and school holidays, but we do host private screenings for 30 people or more. Email TeAhuAdmin@fndc.govt.nz for more information.